What’s in the mix?

The last several years, I’ve been focused less on recording and more on performance.  Ihad been working the last three years with Soulshine-Boston, with an extensive set list of Southern Rock, Funk, R&B and Americanna. I decided I needed a different direction and amicably parted ways back in March.

Since then, I’ve been busy rehearsing and test-driving an acoustic duo act, The Screw Top Sommoliers. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on songs and getting promo materials together.

In April, I took a “hired gun” position with “The First Family of Texas Cow Punk”, Jesse and The Hogg Brothers .(I’m playing the part of “Joe Bob Hogg, a character loosely based on the Terry Allen song.). Jesse and his crew put on a great show and I get to concentrate on slide and having fun. I was in the studio, tracking some parts for Jesse earlier this summer. I believe he’ll have a release early this fall.

I’m planning out recording a cd ‘s worth of material over the next year or so in a larger studio.  Currently, my budget will probably delay this, but, it’s not like I don’t have plenty on my plate.

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