A few of my favorite things…


My love of bottleneck slide has had me searching for the right sound and feel in guitars and slides. Back in the proverbial day, it was an SG and a Corracedin bottle, sometimes brass. More recently, I’ve switched to Telecasters and resonators.

My technique has expanded a lot, particularly in the last five years. I now “almost never” play in standard tuning, or play without a slide. I use the slide on all six strings, often form chord voicings by fretting behind the slide or use “tapping” to extend melody lines.

As a result, my preferences for slides has evolved with my technique. My two favorites are here: a hand blown slide from Diamond Bottlenecks and a Mean Old Fireman signature slide, from Furious Slides. Both pictured here atop Mule Mule Resophonic  #151.

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