Texas Mini-Tour

Four days in Texas, Austin and San Antonio, three gigs and a whole lot of fun. Playing in a Redneck Comedy/musical variety show as a sideman certainly has it’s benefits. I flew out early Friday for Austin and haven’t stopped smiling since. 4 days, three gigs and a whole lot of fun.

Being a sideman/hired gun means I get to concentrate on my job and having fun. My job description, direct from my boss, Jesse Braintree, is: “To make us sound country and increase the musical cred.”  Works for me.

Over the course of the weekend, we played three clubs in two cities, with two different band configurations. One night, I had back line available, the other two I went direct.  Only one night we had a sound check and one night I had to step in front to hear the mains so I could hear what I was playing. Some challenges, for sure, but that’s what it’s about. Yes. I’d rather have my Demeter tube amp and a rack full of stuff to make me sound good, but professionalism is making it happen anyway. We sounded “country” and made a lot of people laugh.  We left smiles and took home memories.

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