RJM Technology’s “Rig of the day”


I’ve been a big fan of RJM’s gear. They are a great example of a company that does things right. They listen to their customers, provide fast, personal support and constantly upgrade firmware to add features. I had used their rack based switching gear and controlled it with their flagship Mastermind GT controllers, so when I considered a pedalboard based rig, the Mastermind PBC was the obvious choice.

The PBC will switch in any of the effects, change program and control changes via MIDI, provides parallel signal paths for time-based effects and frankly has more features than I can even remember. Most importantly, everything can be saved into presets, arranged by song and placed into setlists.  While for the majority of my playing, my tone involves some overdrive or compression and occasionally, some reverb or delay to give it depth.

There are time that I like to expand my tonal palette to emulate organ or string tones, or perhaps use some sync’d delay, a la Sonny Landreth. Having presets with these sounds “on-deck”, means I can seamlessly switch between radically different tones by pressing one switch.

I built the rig into a case from Road Cases USA, and features effects units from Strymon, Klon, Voodoo Labs, origin effects and power supplied by Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Supplies. The output feeds directly to a Demeter TGA-1 180D “Mighty Mini”. The amp is James Demeter’s brainchild: A hybrid with the tube pre-amp of a tweed Bassman coupled to a 180 watt class D power amp. I typically run this into an open cabinet with 2 Eminence 10″ speakers, or occasionally an open back 2 x 12.

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