A long, hot summer

There has been plenty to write about, but very little time to write.

Last night, I wrapped up the season with the Northern Rhode Island music under the Pavilion series. This was the first season of shows at several venues in Northern Rhode Island put on by Greyfox Productions.

I’ve made great progress in my debut album. The material includes originals, both old and new, a few covers, b

oth familiar and obscure. The I’ve had the pleasure of working with some serious talent, both in the studio and in the control room. Whole I’ve been happy with results from my home studio, I felt it was high time to bring the music forward, captured in a fully professional environment. I’m still hoping for a release date this fall

A guy that “looks remarkably like me” has been busy with Jesse and the Hogg Brothers. Their latest release, “Wife swapin’ party”, featuring The Great Joe Bob Hogg on slide, was released earlier this summer. They are returning to the studio later this month, so expect wholesale quantities of redneck irreverence out later this year.

I so treated myself to week in the Catskills at The Roots Rock Revival . Originally founded by the late Butch Trucks, it is being carried on by fellow Allman Brothers bandmates Jaimo and Otiel Burbridge, along with Cosy and Luther Dickenson of the North Mississippi Allstars and members of Butch’s family. The weather was hot, but the music was hotter. It was great to eat, breath, drink and sleep music for 5 days with such incredible talents, as well as countless young players.

There’s lots more in the works this fall. Stay tuned.

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