The story behind “Gulf of slides”

Danny Gatton had “Slidin’ Home”, Cindy Cashdollar has “Sliding Home”. Ana Popovik has “Slide show”. Phil Ledbetter has “Slide effects”. Needless to say, I needed a punny slide name for an instrumental.

Gulf of slides is a glacial cirque on Mount Washington, NH. It’s a popular area for backcountry skiing, in part because of a Civilian Conservation Corps trail,The Gulf of Slides Ski Trail.

I wrote most of this tune one morning before work. I had poured a cup of coffee and picked up guitar. The theme had popped in my head, so I jotted some notes and recorded a quick demo and “Gulf of Slides” was born.

The first time it was played out, it was on the anniversary of 9/11. As a tribute, we combined it with Amazing grace in the New Orleans funeral procession tradition. It’s generally been played that way ever since.

Here’s a video of me playing it solo, on a Mule tricone.

Gulf of Slides (solo)

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