Almost there!

It’s just about a year to the day that I headed into The Bridge Sound and Stage with Joey and Rick to start the basic tracks for the then unnamed album. It’s been a long road, but last night, I emailed approval on the final mixes, and “Box 1” is heading to the mastering stage.

Along the way, more tunes got added, a couple were written, Alex Allinson, engineer extraordinaire, got promoted to partner, I hit the “pause” button on this project to produce The Screwtop Sommeliers debut album, “Uncorked” and Joey has taken to the road with The Paul Nelson Band.

It’s been an incredible journey. While it has taken longer than I anticipated, I’m delighted with the music we captured and honored to have been joined by such talented musicians.

There is still work to be done…graphics, mastering, copyrights and publishing…but can see the light at the end of the tunnel, shining like “a headlight on a Northbound train!”

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