What they are saying about Box 1

For musicians, there are many things that bring satisfaction. Playing lives, you get to see and feel the audience response and it’s always immediately gratifying. With a recording, you record the tracks, put it together, engineer and produce it to sound the way you want. And then you wait.
“Box 1” was over 14 months in the making, from basic tracks to release. Now it’s out and only now do I get feedback on this project. It is especially gratifying to hear from those whose opinions I respect and Michael Slotboom, of Armadillo Guitar certainly sits squarely in that category.
M1 walnut
“M1” custom T-Type with knobs, switch tip and compensated bridge by Armadillo Guitar

Michael has been making custom guitar parts for builders and nationally known musicians for many years out of his shop in Austin, Texas. I’ve used the his parts on numerous builds and always with great results. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him at gigs, as well as at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis earlier this year. Needless to say, when I got this email from Michael, it made my day.

Man, thank you so much for the CD. It is really really good. Not a bad track on it. I love your subtle treatment of Sleepwalk. But your version of Little Wing is out of this world. Your solos were incredible, understated and truly tasteful. I love the direction you took that. I mean Jimi and Stevie already gave us the over the top virtuoso versions. You stripped it down and made it personal. And those solos! Absolutely gorgeous, full and lush.

I’ve played this entire CD at least 9 times now.
Thank you!!

If you haven’t heard what Michael is talking about, get the CD or download here or stream it on Spotify or your favorite streaming service.

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