Memorable quotes (or “Shit my dad said at rehearsals”)

My father, James D. Bolle (1931 – 2019), was a conductor, composer and musical director (Monadnock Music, New Hampshire Symphony). He also had, shall we say, a unique way with words, particularly at rehearsals. (One time a string section was struggling with some parts, the next day he placed flowers on their music stands, with cards that read: “Get better soon.”)

After his recent passing we found a variety of interesting artifacts (a file drawer labeled: “Letters to assholes”). We also found a collection of his quotes from him at rehearsals, collected by a flutist and long-time friend, Ellie Preble. I thought I would share some here in the coming months.

“That’s the Tasha Sidel version. (You don’t even know who he is; it’s an insult).)

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