Do you Spotify?

Much as digital downloads transformed the way we purchased and a listened to music 20 years back, digital streaming is again changing our listening habits. Now I’ll admit, I still like having a CD (even though it usually gets played once and ripped to my library). While there are a variety of streaming platforms, Spotify is emerging as the proverbial “500 pound gorilla”. What a lot of people may not know, is that it is available for free (albeit with limited functionality).

If you’re not using Spotify yet, I do suggest you check it out. One of the things you can do is to “Follow” Mean Old Fireman & the Cruel Engineers which will let Spotify keep you up to date with our new releases. (It also helps us out, by increasing our visibility in their many algorithms.)

Many times I’m asked about influences, favorite songs, etc.. It is also possible to share playlists through Spotify. So to answer the often asked question “What is ‘Meth Grass’?”, give a listen to my Meth Grass playlist on Spotify (and if you’re driving, watch your speed!

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