It was a great show last night at The Lilypad . We got to catch up with some old friends and make a bunch of new ones. The Lilypad is a cozy venue with great acoustics. It practically defines the term “intimate”. It felt like we were playing in someone’s living room…a big living room with great sound.

Rick, Chuck and Joey knocked it out of the park last night. Even though my car decided it wanted to take the rest of the night off, Linda and I enjoyed the ride home in the cab of a tow truck and joked about how many years it had been since we shared breakfast at 3:30AM.

I’ve been talking a lot about our disk, Box 1, but I’d like to mention some friends of mine who are release new music today. The first is The Melody Trucks Band who is releasing their album “Walking in gratitude” today. Yes. Melody is the daughter of the late Butch Trucks (a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band), but you don’t listen to someone for their last name. The music and musicianship stands tall all on it’s own.

The other is Lady Lupine who is celebrating the release of their new single “Blue Screen” tonight at Toad, in Cambridge. Lady Lupine is a Boston-based band that plays Heavy Soul. They are fronted by our friend Christina Lacoste. As delighted as we’ve been to have Christina put her accordion skills to use on several track on “Box 1”, she has an incredible voice and the support of an awesome band. They have an great sound and an incredible taste for dynamics. I highly recommend giving them a listen.

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