Gulf of Slides

So, exactly where did this Zydeco instrumental get it’s odd title from? Well,from glacial cirque of the same name, on Mount Washington, NH. An early mountaineer exploring what is now known as The Presidential Range saw several of these steep sided ravines filled with fog. When viewed from the summit, they looked like “Gulfs”. Gulf of Slides had many visible rock slides, hence, it’s name.

In the 1930’s, the Civilian Conservation Corp built the Gulf of Slides Ski Trail (as well as The Sherburne Ski Trail, which serves the better known Tuckerman Ravine). The area, being on the lee-ward side of the Presidentials (and with a East-Northeast exposure) holds snow well into the late Spring and is popular with backcountry Skiers and Snowboarders.

“Originally, The song was going to be called ‘The Flying Yankee’ after one of the the first diesel Streamline Trains that ran in Southern New Hampshire”, recounts Ned. “There’s some irony in the train’s name, as it was prone to derailments. Ultimately, I wanted a song with a ‘slide pun’ and ‘Gulf of Slides’ wasn’t taken, so I helped myself.”

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