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Classy, but not that classy

A project that’s (until now) been running in the background has been an acoustic duo. I joined up with Toby Soriero, now of the North End, to put our spin on blues, rock and Americana classics, as well as originals.

We launched our website Screwtopsommoliers.com. We have some demo recordings and expect to have video up soon as well. As we begin booking, our calendar will be added, as well.

When you get to spend a week with Robben Ford and Sonny Landreth

Three years ago, almost to the day, I spent a week at Robben Ford’s first “Traveling guitar dojo” which also featured Sonny Landreth. While I am a fan of Robben Ford, it should be clear to anyone familiar with my playing who drew me to this event. Sonny continues to be a huge influence on my playing, both technically and artistically. Here, I took one of my favorite Robben Ford instrumentals and adapted it for slide. https://youtu.be/HkhDeL6_59Y https://youtu.be/HkhDeL6_59Y

The Joe Bob Hogg signature Telecaster

Having to play the part of a Texas schoolboy football star gone bad, ex-con slide guitar player demands a special guitar: The Joe Bob Hogg signature Telecaster.

This features a knotty pine body from Stewart MacDonald and a Maple neck from Warmoth (jumbo stainless steel frets, 16″ radius, Boatneck profile, Gotoh tuners and a bone nut.)

The pickups are by Joe Barden Engineering, a Gatton set with an S-deluxe in the middle. They’re wired with a Strat style 5-way switch, 250k pots (No load tone pot) and a .47 microfarad tone cap.

The bridge is a Hipshot with compensated saddles and a Hipshot B/G bender. (Joe Bob always plays in Vastopol D. The Palm lever bends the third string from F# to G and the hop lever bends the 2nd string from A to B.)

The knobs and switch tip were custom by Armadillo Guitars of Austin, TX.

What’s in the mix?

The last several years, I’ve been focused less on recording and more on performance.  Ihad been working the last three years with Soulshine-Boston, with an extensive set list of Southern Rock, Funk, R&B and Americanna. I decided I needed a different direction and amicably parted ways back in March.

Since then, I’ve been busy rehearsing and test-driving an acoustic duo act, The Screw Top Sommoliers. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on songs and getting promo materials together.

In April, I took a “hired gun” position with “The First Family of Texas Cow Punk”, Jesse and The Hogg Brothers .(I’m playing the part of “Joe Bob Hogg, a character loosely based on the Terry Allen song.). Jesse and his crew put on a great show and I get to concentrate on slide and having fun. I was in the studio, tracking some parts for Jesse earlier this summer. I believe he’ll have a release early this fall.

I’m planning out recording a cd ‘s worth of material over the next year or so in a larger studio.  Currently, my budget will probably delay this, but, it’s not like I don’t have plenty on my plate.