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On your Marc

So what’s the story behind “On your Marc”? Well, here it is.

After being away from playing for quite a while, I started looking for better quality slides. Well, like many slide players, I found my way to Ian McWee’s Diamond Bottleneck Slides. As I poked around his site and came across a video that completely changed my outlook and apporach to bottleneck slide playing.

Marc Athlan is like Sonny Landreth on steroids. His techniques truely push slide into new territory. Tapping, first, second even third order harmonics…I was floored. In retrospect, I really have no idea why I didn’t sell my guitars right then and there. But I didn’t.

I had tried working on similar techniques years ago, but was quickly frustrated. Now, I was inspired! All of a sudden, I realized there was so much more to be done and so many ways to push bottleneck slide into new terrritory.

Here’s a tune by Mark’s band, The Flocking Murmuration.

Marc’s playing continues to be a huge inspiration to me. Although, we’ve yet to meet, I owe him a debt of gratitude for where he has led my playing. I felt compelled to offer something in return, so I named this latin rock instrumental in his honor, “On your Marc”.

What’s playing?

Well, at this moment, it’s a few cuts from Cambridge-based Lady Lupine, a heavy soul outfit fronted by Christina Lacoste. If the name sounds familiar, she played accordion for us on several tracks, including Sleepwalk, Amazing Grace and Gulf of Slides. While we were thrilled to have her available for session work, her voice is the star attraction.

Christina’s voice is sweet and fluid, yet chrisp and articulate. While they currently have a limited library of recorded material, they’re set to change that with a release later this month. Their songs are often haunting and always full of strong dynamic and textural changes that keep you on your listening toes.

Give a listen and keep your eye’s and ears out for more from Lady Lupine