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No rest for the Mean…

I got home from my work shift this morning, knowing I had a full plate. When I poured my coffee and sat down to check my messages and email, I realized I had a host of new requests to address.

“Gulf of Slides” appears to have caught some attention. It’s is getting played on RMU Radio’s Damn right I got the blues this afternoon (1/16 4PM to 6PM EST) and has been gaining traction on Spotify, as well. (See player below).

Additionally, I had several requests for material for review and broadcast. It’s made for a busy day and they’re all good problems to have.

If you know of a station, playlist curator, critic, etc. that should know about our music, please let me know by email or message. We’re always looking for new ways to get our music more available.

Slide presentation, performance and clinic

I am honored to be asked by the Boston North Chapter of The Guitar League to perform/present at their May meeting at The Onset School of Music, May 11th.

It’s a friendly, informal gathering players of all abilities. The first meeting is free and membership is very reasonable.

For those interested in slide, but didn’t know where to start or those who play slide already and are looking to pick up some new tricks or push past a plateau, this will be a great opportunity to build skills, meet some nice folks and hear some great music. Mark your calendar!

New single release: 1/30/2020

We have a lot in the works for 2020. First up: live single of “Mean Old Fireman”, scheduled for release on January 30, 2020. Distribution will be through all major digital outlets.

For those who use Spotify, you can “Follow” us and hear the release at least a week in advance on “Release Radar”. (The new single should be live around 1/23/2020.

We have several more tracks from last September’s concert slated for release as singles, as well as several new songs taking shape in the studio now. 2020 will be a great year for new music from MoF&tCE!

Box 1 on Vinyl?

There have been a lot of changes in music in the past 20 years, so good, some not so much. Downloads replaced CD’s now streaming has replaced download sales. People don’t buy music, they rent it.

Streaming can provide and endless variety of music by putting a “bottomless jukebox” in your mobile device. While the convenience is unbeatable, the compressed formats tends to kill any subtleties, particularly in dynamics. While it’s great for the gym, or shielding yourself from the noise of the subway, it’s less than ideal for “listening for the sake of listening.” This brings me to another trend that many didn’t really expect: the resurgence of vinyl.

A recent article in Rolling Stone indicated that vinyl sales are likely to outsell CD’s in the very near future (something that hasn’t happened since 1986). It seems that for real “listening”, the wide dymanic range and warm frequency response is making a comeback as the prefered format.

While it is relatively easy to release an album on vinyl, the fixed set up charges make it a challenge to overcome the initial expense (particularly for an independent artist.)

Our recent release, Box 1, was carefully produced for the purpose of “listening”, something that is increasingly rare. A possibility would be to run a pre-production campaign (through go Fund Me, or similar site) to raise the money in advance, giving those interested a chance to support the project and get a pre-release version of the vinyl album in return.

If you would be interested in supporting this project, please respond by comment or email through contact form so we can see if there is enough interest to make it happen.

Added as an afterthought

I’ve always loved Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing”. It’s not typically a song you associate with slide guitar (that, in of itself is, for me, part of the appeal of playing it.) The night before the last session of rhythm tracks my wife dropped a not so subtle hint that I should add it to the CD.

I surprised Joey and Rick with it the next morning and they nailed it in one take. (That, in spite of me not discussing an ending.) It’s not a tune I’ve been promoting, but in reviewing streaming stats, it has a few fans in Connecticut, without any airplay or playlist placement. Give a listen:

Welcome to our new Spotify listeners

Ned, hitting a note somewhere in the upper Stratosphere.

Our instrumental “Through the notch” has caught the attention of a number independent playlist curators on Spotify in the last few weeks, and the number of streams and followers has grown dramatically. There is an immense amount of great music available now; to have our music be chosen to be part of the soundtrack of your day is an honor for which we are profoundly grateful.

As the vast majority of our new listeners are from outside of New England, the title of the song requires some explanation. A “Notch” (in Northern New England parlance), is a mountain pass. You can think of this tune as our “Mountain Jam”. (Yes. We have been known to stretch this tune out in a live setting.)

To our new listeners: a warm welcome and thank you! Please connect with us here and on Facebook to stay in tune with new release and live performance info.